Screen blurred or lines appeared after some time

Failure cause:

1. SD card or USB flash disk is not formatted into FAT32

2. Screen input wire loose or damaged, replace it

Screen blink frequently

1. Check if there’s magnet field interference.

2. Check if the voltage is stable

3. Check the video card

Black screen (No video and audio output)

1. Press the power button after connected to the power

2. Disconnect from power for 10 seconds and reboot

3. Check the power wire

4. Check if the power supply is functioning by multimeter

Black screen (No video output)

Failure cause:

1. Inverter module is not connected to the mainboard.

2. Inverter module damaged.

3. LCD screen damaged.

Black screen after a sudden power lost


1. Disconnect from power for 3 minutes and reboot.

2. Decoding board damaged.

3. Power supply damaged.