17inch Android display for Racetrack

Finland racetrack integrating equestrian sports, fitness, leisure, is one of the important place of entertainment. Racetrack has a lot of people gathered, needs to convey the accurately information to the tourists in the first time in racetrack. Refee has developed 17inch android display for Finland company.

17inch Android Display main features:

1. 17inch IPS Full View angle, HD Screen. The visitors can see the screen content clearly from any angle, bring better visual sense effect.

2. The base can rotate 360 degrees, Tourists can rotate advertising display at any time in any orientation to view real-time updated content.

3. To keep product safety with design lock in public places

4. Capacitive touch, High response, high sensitivity, better experience for visitors.

5. Built-in line, it can not see any line on the desktop, make sure product beautiful and avoid winding

6. Android System, Support 3G/4G network, can be installed customer own software. Fast speed CPU, it can quickly handle the huge site data information. Fast network speed, it can reflect the info to the visitors immediately. It can publish the text, pictures, videos via CMS. Saved labor costs as well as to ensure the timeless, synchronization of the release data.

Application: Racetrack in the table, the visitors can browse their attention for the first time via android display, to make a bet in time online.