55inch HD Digital Signage Application Case in Rail

As the information era coming, intelligent transportation system developing, digital signage becomes important tools for Information release in traffic areas, which display information in airport, railway station, terminal, bus station, highway, urban road, parking lot and so on public places. Digital signage are popular for high brightness, high reliability and so on.

The digital signage are as a medium to provide the traveler information service. Information can include passenger notice, service time, train arrival and departure times, train timetables, administrator's notice, government notice, travel reference, stock information, media news, Live events, advertisements; It provides dynamic emergency evacuation tips under abnormal situations such as fire, block and terrorist attacks, and let travelers take track traffic safely and easily through correct service information guide. Otherwise, digital signage combines multiple advertising methods to bring more advertisement income, such as multimedia dynamic advertising, static advertising and network advertising.

Refee 55inch Floor stand digital signage are placed at two sides channels of Departure lounge in railways stations. Travelers can see the displays when going through channels and they will be attracted by images on the digital signage easily when waiting the trains. The advertisements on digital signage will get high degree of attention and a high remember rate, which will achieve the best promotion effects.