55inch advertising player in children stores

Children are the society future, and children’ healthy growth relates to the future development. In this one-child era, parents treat children as apple of their eyes and they always offers their children the best. Digital signage in children’ stores offers more information about children's health awareness and pregnancy attentions, children’s clothes, which also forms a unified information management. It can bring better business to the children’s stores and let the parents to buy with more confidences.This is science and technology achievement in information age.

Refee cooperates with children’s chain stores to mount 55inch celling digital signage.55inch celling digital signage main features:

1、55inch HD display,resolution:1920*1080;

2、celling mounted design,making full use of store space. The digital signage are placed in positions where people can see the advertisements easily,  attracting people to visit the stores.

3、With Android system, clients can choose their own software, and publish information on server in computer. Which display information to customers immediately and saves labor .

Refee Digital signage functions in Children’s chain stores:

1、 Making the parents know more about health science knowledge to take care of their children better, letting the children grow healthy , forming better store Children’s store cultures, attracting more parents coming to the stores

2、 Saving more labor cost

3、 Convenient for information management in stores, forming store chains culture

4、 Publicizing children’s favorite cartoons freshly and fashionably to make stores more popular

5、 Telling parents how to buy children products and recommend some new products and discount products