Jewelry stores use LCD advertising machine

In recent years, with significant socio-economic development, more and more people pay attention to the quality of life, more and more people choose to use jewelry to decorate their life.It’s a key for jewelry businesses to increase sales volume on the basis of set commodity. Among the general stores, it’s from away from customers demands only via clerk’s presentation. To enhance jewelry store’s brand effect, realize chain stores digital management, exclusive shop choose lcd kiosk to improve store image to reach brand effect and image.

Refee cooperate with famous brand jewelry chain stores as well as exclusive stores. The main charactors of the kiosk :

1. 55” Full HD lcd display, resolution : 1920*1080

2. Vertical right corner player, High-grade, fashionable, dignified image coincide with the jewelry

3. PC windows version, easy operating, can connect to the internet to change the ad contents at any time

4. Safety locks is designed to ensure product safety in public places

LCD advertising machine how to enhance the brand image of jewelry stores:

1. Advertising display information system can set up all kinds of categories: for example: gold jewelry, gold bullion, Platinum, simple but eye-catching, convenient, and free setup.

2. Advertising player can set prices freely: gold prices change with market changes, may set prices freely via advertising player background, can highlight colors, such as Red: makes the information more visible, customers attract.

3. Advertising jewelry marketing information: shoppers can set the vertical advertising kiosk to display promotion advertisements when various holidays comes. Do a specific update for this festival to attract customers

4. Jewelry brand can deploy a digital signage system to publish advertising contents to national chain stores via Headquarters server. Staff can make set pictures, PPT text, videos, weather information and other jewelry forefront information to enable customers feel Visual impact on the digital information, making interaction between information and customers as well as to enrich monotonous information published in the traditional way. Advertising kiosk can program flexible, publishing and managing the content in any formats to bring customers advanced, high-end brand impression, deliver timely and effective information services, improve service levels, improve brand image.