All in one kiosk for library

Refee Teaching AIO kiosk steps into JiaZhong. In order to further improve the school "education service-oriented" development strategy in universities, Jiazhong brings in the deployment of multimedia advertising machines in school-wide information distribution system, Integrate digital campus and talent training as well as value-added services.

School digital projects are based on Refee advertising player, treating advertising kiosk as “The window of digital communication” which installed in the teaching building, office building entrances, Conference rooms and library. Etc, and using advertisements to publish

various announcements, news, schedules, school activities, MBA, work guidelines, advocacy ad and other valuable information.

The school digital multimedia information platform improves timeliness of information, viewable and the coverage of information, highlighting the Executive Ability and informatization image of school. enabling extensive teachers and students feel the convenience from digital campus personally.

School also installed a number of vertical advertising machine in an interactive exchange of innovation, improve the quality of communication between schools, students and visitors. Refee Advertising player with  high stability and ultra low power consumption, low cost, as well as long life characteristics. Exciting, interactive, user-friendly and reliable are the traits of Refee advertising display, also  brings  a wonderful and effective interactive digitization window for the school.