Elevator advertising machine

Time:2016 / 08 / 09      Source:leshibo

In recent years, advertising in the elevator has become popular. It’s a new advertising method by poster and media player in the elevator or at the entrance to bring more attractions. Also there’s the new competition between post advertising and media player. The poster shows the main promotions of the advertiser, meanwhile the media player has more options. Media players are mainly the LCD digital signage, normally they’re wall mount or floor standing.

When people are waiting for the elevator, they’re more likely to focus on the information around them. So there’re good chance for advertising. Also, the media players show more advertising to the potential customers, which is better than the poster. In addition, more and more buildings and shopping malls are equipped with the elevator, there’s no way we should ignore the advertising in this part.

Regarding this promising market, Refee Tech has launched several types of digital signage for elevator, focusing on better advertising on elevator. So far, some companies have started the project focusing on brand advertising in shopping mall and supermarket.

The LCD digital signage from Refee is made by metal housing and tempered glass front panel, providing reliable protection for the player. It has audio output, mass storage and SD card slot. Also it has Ethernet port for updating the content via internet.