How to develop subway advertisment?

Time:2016 / 06 / 24      Source:Refee

With the rapid development, subway has become the preferred travel method, therefore the subway economy present a sustainable hot scenes. Especially as a advertisement carrier of special modern traffic, the supply of subway advertising will also showed an incremental tendency which has become the most  profitable way in media industry and opened a new chapter. It’s known the traditional forms of subway advertising: twelve light box, four channel posters, special light boxes, escalators, car poster, etc. Take the advantages of subway occupied and high attention to increase brand awareness.

But with advances in technology and of science and technology and emergence of intelligent display device, the traditional light box, poster cannot meet the needs of subway advertising. As it takes time and energy to update and inefficiency, poor interactivity, single advertising from, which make it’s    difficult to keep the  people with fast-paced.Under such situation, REFEE advertising display is emerged as the demands which become another new type of metro advertising. As a situation of high-tech media, there are mainly three forms of subway advertising at the carrier of advertising display device: subway LED digital media, automotive television, advertising machine platform. Subway LED digital media belong to intercept media, advertising images with dynamic audio broadcast, video, images, text, audio, majestic, due to its spatial properties, usually, big size needed.

REFEE metro advertising system, backlight color revivification degree is good, image is clear, the even backlight brightness, the nature colorful. With the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency, high contrast, super fast response speed and the image smoother.Product life is long, the long-term use also with even brightness , safety transportation , panel shell material is solid and difficult to broken. REFEE ad display is widely used in airports, railway, subway, highway transportation industries, libraries, museums, zoo, shopping malls etc.

Car advertisement display belongs to accompany the media, screen size does not too big, which can be made content + advertisement form to release anxiety when people take the subway.As a solution provider, REFEE is undoubtedly the best choice which can provide all different sizes.

Station advertising display is the service system to the provision of passenger information. advertising player in the station and vehicle-mounted terminal for the media to provide information services to passengers, such as bus information, service time and arrival time of announcement of announcement, operation schedule, management, government, travel reference and live stocks, news, events, entertainment, advertising and other real-time dynamic information.According to the different environment,we can choose different size of the advertising player to show passengers creative ad, video ad, publicity to meet customer needs via casual manner.