Mini tabletop interactive AD display

Time:2016 / 02 / 19      Source:Refee

10 inch vertical digital signage as a commercial advertising machine is successfully integrated into the end of the retail consumer goods market, which is a qualitative leap. And all of this is due to the development of science and technology and the maturity of the product, the strong support of our customers and our efforts.

Science and technology articles

* this product is based on OS Android for R & D design. RK3188 quad core processor, DDR RAM/8GB 1GB flash memory, experience a different kind of speed and passion.

* WIFI built-in, received signal stability, commercial household two!

* a variety of interfaces to meet different needs, it is more than tablet products.

* "active too tired, passive suffering, interactive absolute, multi touch capacitance touch screen and in full view of the hard screen human-computer interaction to bring unprecedented smooth and comfortable feeling. It's hard not to love it.

* industrial grade to meet the long run, the battery last not less than 8 hours.

Product design articles

* Aluminum Alloy linear flow frame design, metal texture more high-grade; angle elegant, unique characteristics of music broadcast continuity;

* use IPS full viewing angle FHD, 1080P HD video, to give users a different visual enjoyment.

* desktop vertical design, space is small, as long as the table can be displayed everywhere, free to operate, enough to self!

* the user interface is as simple and easy to use as your Android phone.

* equipped with removable battery, away from the trouble of no electricity, easy to carry and display the machine.

* Passed the CE/ROHS/WIFI full certification, use with more safety.

Customer support

* this product through the French customer strict product inspection and testing

* with customer support to improve the unique packaging, suitable for shopping malls supermarket retail and home users

* this product has been continuously optimized and improved according to the feedback from the foreign market to achieve high satisfaction.

Pursuit and dream

We are committed to the digital signage industry continues to improve, will be creative into the industry, research and development to design more beautiful products, hoping to bring more convenience to the enterprise. Dreams have begun and never stopped!