Innovation-10inch new series

Time:2016 / 07 / 07      Source:Refee

With the development of the technology, electronic product innovation is also changing quickly. Refee  play close to the customer demand to create more market value items in the self innovation. Now the new item- 10” multifunction ad display was launched out.

Light and beautiful, The details into each link of product innovation.

A, plastic shell + metal frame design. The plastic back shell products makes its lighter, metal frame retain the texture. Color can be customized according to customer’s requiring.

B. R arc safty design which makes the product line more smoothly and beautiful.

C. Appearance with integrative design. Indicator light and receive module in the back shell makes

predecessor integration. There is dustproof designs for heat emission holes.Security door use buckle type makes it more safe and convenient.

Multifunction, android, touch, motion sensor, button switch, Combination of practical function.

A, software with android qoard core, flexible application, fully meet the customer needs.

B, Capacitive touch with its high sensitivity makes customer using comfortable.

C, motion sensor or button switch alternative. strengthen product interaction function.

D, IR remote control, bluetooth, 4 g / 3 g module external, accelerometer, RJ45 function;

E, 1080P high resolution, high stability to 7 * 24 hours unattended, can play all kinds of high-definition

video format and complex interactive operation with high-performance

F, A variety of installation launched according to the different occasion: table stand, wall mounted,

Shelves, vehicle-mounted.

10 inch new ad display becomes very common with its multi functions which widely used in commercial terminals, automotive industry, financial insurance, enterprises and institutions, exhibition, and other fields. Interaction between human, machine and network, can be achieved in Refee intelligent terminal platform implementation.

We use pursuit of customer satisfaction, customized advertising solutions for our customers.With the continuous improvement of products to improve customer brand value, so as to realize self-value.Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit!