Interactive double screen touch kiosk

Time:2016 / 04 / 26      Source:Refee

Interactivity is becoming more and more popular, and it’s especially important for digital signage. And now, Refee Tech has developed a 42 inches double screen touch kiosk with improved user experience for interactivity. It can service multiple people with two screens. And it’s elegant and simple which will provide a better atmosphere for the shopping mall. Also, the customers can enjoy it while checking the promotion in the shopping mall. This, will lead to a win-win for customers and distributors.


1. Multi touch interactive screen

2. All in one, fashionable, simple and maintenance-free

3. Fully functional: high resolution, color rendering, brightness.

4. Stable and safe: industrial design, proper cooling design provide stable environment.

5. Online edition: with media publish system, support video and audio, real-time message and scrolling text. And support unified management.


1. Promote yourself in the business center

2. More impact in vision, displaying commodities with different styles.

3. More powerful for brand advertising, better attraction for consumers