Refee - HD LCD Display in city construction

Time:2016 / 07 / 01      Source:Refee

Smart Security Industry Association of Shenzhen/Security and Protection Industry Standards Alliance of Shenzhen holding 2015 year members of the general meeting and smart city construction summit forum and industry conference on December 29th in the Futian District LVGEM hotel. Invite Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau, Housing Construction Bureau, the market and the quality of the Oversight Committee, the Association of experts, well-known security companies representatives,Forum on the "smart of the city's construction and development" in-depth discussion and exchanges, to provide a good platform for trade exchanges, Shenzhen Refee Technology Co., Ltd  in this forum portrait join, as General Assembly to provide commercial display device, showing the effect of the perfect present at the scene, help the Conference successfully held!

Smart city construction and development has become an important symbol of urban development,Shenzhen Refee Technology  Co., Ltd in this opportunity and strategy, has completely ready to meet new challenges and create better products and services for urban construction, to create excellent color quality and create a new scene!