Refee’s summer casual journey

Time:2016 / 07 / 26      Source:Refee

Travel can bring more relief to your mind. From one city to another, there’re always unknown sceneries for us to explore. Also travel brings you more chances in life, less pressure in your mind.

To keep us away from the noisy city and get close to the nature in this hot summer days, Refee has arranged this journey to brings more happy and joy for all the members in Refee family.

In the first day, we get ready to set off in order to arrive at our destination on time. Our red uniforms symbolize that Refee is getting hot and exciting, also progressive like the weather in July. A few hours later, we arrived at the farm with laughter. The farm is built on hills with a good vision of the falls and field, where will bring more peace and ease to your mind. Then, we enjoyed a healthy lunch from the farm.

After lunch, there’s an exciting rafting waiting for us. We’re paddling and splashing the water and all of us get wet, but we’re so happy and delighted. Just like we’ve back to our childhood, showing our sincerity to each other. After we return to the farm, we enjoy swimming in the pool filled with spring.

At night, there’s a well prepared party. We decorate the place by ourselves, then we enjoy dancing and playing games. Everybody is showing their specialties like dancing, singing and interactive games. Then we’re ending with a birthday celebration for our colleagues.

The next morning, we’re waken by the birds tweeting. Then we head for Baishuizhai scenic spot after breakfast. We’re taking photos with the beautiful mountains and spectacular water falls while heading for mountain top. Then, we left our mark in the lake on the middle of the mountain, which will bring us more luck according to an old saying and legend. After that, we return to the farm after a sentimental farewell to the spot.

Travel will leave your steps on where you’ve been, while witnessing your changes. We’re young, we’re personalized, and that’s the reason why we shall sometime stay away from the city we live in, the noisy we suffer from and the troubles that bothers us. And find a place where brings you relief and peace, keep your memories with photos, then you’ll never be regretted when getting older.

We’ve got what we want in this summer journey, and we should be thankful for this. Then, it’s our time to get a new start and looking forward to next journey.