Remote maintenance for advertising payer by Refee

Time:2016 / 06 / 24      Source:Refee

Advertising player, the new media display which loop play Ads automatically in shopping mall, buildings, lift, metro, bank, airport and school, etc. It has been popular among the different lines and enterprises due to its extensive applications. However, the maintenance has become a major issue due to the enormous amount of unattended digital signage. So how to update the content effectively with low cost?

Now Refee Tech is bring up a brand new Multimedia publishing system to help you solve this issue: remote update Ads content via internet.

As we know, the advertising player is using the system based on Linux, Android or Windows. Also our Multimedia publishing system is compatible for these systems, which allows you to remote control your digital signage, and brings you more convenience for remote maintenance.

Refee  remote control software will be more simple and easy to achieve remote operation.