The world is so big, with me to see!

Time:2015 / 12 / 10      Source:Refee

Fast pace of modern life, so that we rarely have the opportunity to go out to see the world,We came to the mall, looking forward to a beautiful encounter. When found to have a fashion pressing intelligent query machine, can not help but the touch of a finger, not only will find a charming girl where the place, we can find a to satisfy the appetite of delicious heaven.

We came to the library, fell in the book of the sea. How to do? The venue is too large, self-help is good. Computer screen query is too small is not enough, the 42 inch - 65 inch high-definition screen, touch with a finger, go where you want, read which you want to read. Have WINDOWS OS or OS ANDROID high configuration of the system running, so easy. More book type appearance for the election, more show human care.

We go for a high-level lecture, and the lecturer is at ease with the public. Afterwards, he did not take away the laptop. His fingers touch device, not a bit awkward, but feel elegant.

There are too many unexpected surprises, everything from the popular magic of the creative. Users provide ideas, we provide a platform to achieve your creativity, so that all become more meaningful!

Our desktop query machine sincere invitation: the world is so big, I used to see!

So the heart is not as action, and quickly contact

* 22-65 inch for election

* Commercial grade machine

* fast infrared touch to achieve human-computer interaction

* hardware configuration options

(conventional OS: CPU--Intel I3/320GB Window DDR3 RAM HDD/4G)

* can be connected to the network (WIFI built-in, RJ45 equipped)

* external device to achieve multiple functions

* running customer application software to promote customer brand value realization

* ergonomic design with stylish white frame (other colors can be customized)

* anything is possible, please tell us what you think!