A perfect match, open frame

Time:2015 / 11 / 18      Source:Refee

Everybody is a genius and creativity creates everything from nothing. Inspiration also let us complete the "optional" Flexible strain. When our open frame advertising machine built into a variety of design styles, beautiful, attractive, fashion become classic,quality displays distinctive.

* open frame = no shell

Our open frame advertising machine is designed and combined with a long-term research and development and market feedback. Unique shell design is better to fix to product, it not only protects product performance, ease of transport, but also makes the use of customers more secure, more convenient to embed into their own design.

* screen size optional

7-65 inch high quality LCD screen can be customized according to customer's demand

* Internet interaction, as you want

Windows OS Android/, touch interaction for your choice, For open frame advertising machine only outer housing changed, and the essence of the same.

* perfect collocation with a variety of materials display

Whether it is acrylic, cardboard or organic glass, wood and so on, as long as you can imagine to use, our open frame advertising machine can cooperate, highlight your theme's style.

*Matching design for Frame and screen

Customers share their own design concept, points and outline drawings to us, we will arrange machine installation and hole design, and provide the drawings to the customer to confirm. Or the customer finishes design according to the drawings and machine we provide

* used in a variety of places

Popular in All kinds of POS

DISPLAY, brand chain stores, furniture, cabinets and other places of design.

We have focused on providing professional advertising solutions for domestic and foreign brand customers. Open frame advertising machine fit for the outer frame rack to make brand publicity become more creative and humanization, get rid of the people take the initiative to sell to bring customers tired of feeling, let advertising propaganda change from passive to active!